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A lesson from plants.

When we are more in tune with our reality, and our inner self we become more aware of everything that makes/creates/sustains our life. I’m finding that these days it’s coming from the simplest things, like my plants. It’s everywhere in my tiny little townhome, and the lack of space isn’t stopping me from getting anyContinue reading “A lesson from plants.”

Surviving D-Day

Well we made it folks. We survived Valentine’s Day. Well…almost anyway. We made it through most of the day. There were a few tears. Maybe a few moments of anger. A few moments of resentment and regret. Scrolling through social media was hard. I had thought about avoiding it altogether today to be honest. IContinue reading “Surviving D-Day”

Snow Day

My first instinct this morning was to get up and see just how much snow had fallen, and whether or not I would make the trek to the gym today. Turns out, I WILL not be. My car is a jackass in the snow, and driving home yesterday when it hadn’t even snowed an inchContinue reading “Snow Day”

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