You guys remember my post about Viv? If not refer to my post “A Lesson From Plants”. In it I introduce you to my mass cane Viv. She stopped growing for awhile and so suddenly it seemed. I wasn’t sure what had actually happened to her at first. Upon closer examination I realized her roots had rotted. I bring her up today because just as suddenly as she stopped growing I noticed she is growing again! I’ve never lost hope in her, although there were many times I came very close to tossing her out. What do we plant enthusiasts do with unwanted, dying plants? We put them outside. We watch them deteriorate on our porches. Their stems/branches crisping. Their leaves falling one by one. Their soil becoming hardened and dry. Forgotten.

I don’t actually think its her per say, and I won’t know until I eventually repot her and examine her roots again but there is new growth in her pot. I feel such a kindred spirit with my girl Viv. The last couple of months have really tested me. In fact, the last couple of years, but especially the last couple of months. I’ve only been doing extensive internal work on myself very recently and because so it’s hard to believe I’ve actually experienced any kind of growth. I think that’s why I relate to Viv so much. I’ve only very recently started watering her again, and misting her (she doesn’t have anything to mist—LOL!). Then literally the other day, I noticed green! I cried. It has been so long since I’ve seen green in her pot. I think seeing THAT, reminded me to extend grace to myself. We are often our own worst enemies. We get frustrated knowing we can do better. We hold ourselves hostage to our past, our mistakes and our regrets. We can see the humanity in others so easily, but often fail to see it in ourselves. It’s easy for us to extend encouragement and faith to others, but why is it so hard to do that for ourselves? I know that’s something I’m definitely struggling with right now. Feeling like I have to somehow pay for every single thing that has gone wrong in my life. Like somehow I need to re-write what’s been done already, when really all that can really be done is move forward. You can’t re-write the past, but we can continue to grow. Just like Viv, I feel new life emerging in my vessel.

Once again, my plants teaching me about life. I think I choose the right hobby huh?

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