The Things We Don’t Talk About—Part I

We all have those things don’t we? The things we don’t talk about. The things we pretend don’t exist and didn’t happen. The things we second guess, make excuses for, make sense of, compartmentalize, overanalyze, turn over and over in our minds, but never actually speak of out loud. Why don’t we say or talkContinue reading “The Things We Don’t Talk About—Part I”

A lesson from plants.

When we are more in tune with our reality, and our inner self we become more aware of everything that makes/creates/sustains our life. I’m finding that these days it’s coming from the simplest things, like my plants. It’s everywhere in my tiny little townhome, and the lack of space isn’t stopping me from getting anyContinue reading “A lesson from plants.”

This isn’t an introduction.

It’s a welcome here. To this space. My space, that I want to share with you. What’s in an introduction anyway? I find whenever I’m asked to introduce myself, I’m scrambling to find the most significant things to say. What I end up with though, is vanilla. Boring. Typical. “Hi my name is Abby, I’mContinue reading “This isn’t an introduction.”